Tools for hospitals to invent the next generation of health technology.

Clinician-designed health technologies have the potential to transform healthcare. Create is a software package to guide frontline teams from idea to prototype to patient impact. Upload an idea, access the tools, learn how to make.  These two packages designed to build a culture of innovation at your hospital through all digital resources or an onsite fabrication lab:

Create Cloud: a digital platform & prototyping kits package

Create Lab: a hospital makerspace powered by our Create software


Products and services for hospitals and clinicians.

We put the tools to design and fabricate health technology directly into the hands of your frontline teams. From the cardiac surgeon to the patient transport assistant, all employees gain access to world-class resources and personalized learning tutorials to create future health technology.

Creating health technology that is more accessible, equitable and designed with patients.

Our healthcare system is in need of frontline ideas to address big challenges in patient care. Technology is often prohibitively expensive or designed for the masses without the option to customize features for each patient. Clinicians experience these challenges first hand — when delicate infant skin is irritated by the CPAP tubing for breathing support or when an elderly patient is readmitted because they were unable to maintain a rehabilitation program due to a lack of understanding of their spirometer device. 

Without investment and infrastructure for clinicians to create, their potential life-changing solutions remain napkin sketches or break room conversations. By putting the tools of design and making in the hands of frontline doctors, nurses and hospital staff, these clinicians can see their ideas come to life. They create solutions that they can hold in their hands and use for patient care.

Fostering a community of problem solving.

We work with hospitals to build a culture of experimentation where frontline teams jump to share their ideas and collaborate to build the future of health technology. Hospital staff learn the skills to succeed as health makers and develop agency and creativity in everyday problem solving. 

Through guided prototyping journeys leveraging our prototyping genome, we ensure hospitals have the frameworks and protocols to safely move ideas from prototype to patient care. 


Bringing health making to teams, in ways that work best for you.

Limited space? No problem. MakerHealth Create is remote-first, meaning we enable clinicians to create no matter where they are. Alternatively, we can build out your hospital’s very own Makerspace, equipped with cutting-edge creation and fabrication tools in a turnkey package.


A powerful, new engine redefining the health-making experience.

Leveraging predictive guidance with just-in-time learning modules, a smart prototyping genome backend and data collection, the Create platform is supporting the next generation of health makers. Create software drives prototyping via the cloud or in a physical lab and enables clinicians to create confidently with personalized tools and resources. 


Remote-first learning at your fingertips.

Gain the skills to advance your health-making abilities. Online modules cover topics ranging from technical skills, including 3D modeling and CAD, fabrication and diffusion strategies, and more, to teach your staff how to bring their ideas to life.


Custom creation kits delivered directly to your door.

Personalized creation kits, including everything a clinician needs to prototype their idea into a functional solution, delivered directly to your door.


Access MedTech experts & a community of clinician makers.

Enjoy exclusive access to responsive, concierge-style network of medical technology experts, who are here to answer questions and provide invaluable insight into the health-making journey.


Get a quote or apply today & bring health making to your hospital.

Apply today to join the MakerHealth community. Alternatively, schedule a chat with our team and learn more about which Create option is best for you.