Medical Makerspace

MakerHealth® Space

Your MakerHealth® Space is an integrated environment designed to foster and expedite the fabrication of medical devices and technologies. It is comprised of modules, which are the prototyping and health making stations with embedded tools, equipment, and materials in a smart workflow layout. This includes stations for: digital fabrication, rapid prototyping, health making, and collaboration.


Turnkey Clinical Makerspace

Equipment, tools and materials to build custom medical technology with embedded sensors to guide users in prototyping paths

State of Making Analysis

Analysis of prototyping literacy, stealth innovations and priority health making modules

Full Installation and Launch

On-site team to lead the installation of the makerspace modules from loading dock to power on

Staffed by Experts

Full-time staffing of the makerspace by a creative MakerHealth Fellow with experience in design and engineering

Operating System for Project Management

Software operating system to safely guide health technology prototypes from experiment to the bedside and connect the ROI to existing workflows

Just-in-Time Learning

Learning modules that help staff learn prototyping techniques needed to be biomedical innovators without an engineering degree

Continuing Education and Staff Engagement

Provide access to online and in-person training resources to help point-of-care staff learn technology and design skills to invent new health technologies.

A Culture of Innovation led by Point of Care Staff

Support the moments of ingenuity whenever the occur with a 24/7 access lab with the tools and smart materials to let staff tinker and experiment in medical making.

Patient Engagement with Personalized Medicine Hardware

Work side-by-side with patients using tools such as 3D printing, smart sensors and thermoforming to craft care solutions that are more affordable and personalized.