Our Products

MakerHealth tools help to grow and sustain a culture of frontline clinical makers in a hospital.

Empowered by access to a clinical makerspace and just-in-time training modules, your clinicians and frontline staff can and will become the creators of new health technology solutions for your hospital. Provide the framework to amplify this creative problem solving and enable hospitals to partner with patients to create precision medicine hardware solutions. Through a backend MakerHealth OS, connect these novel hardware solutions into clinical workflows for risk assessment, quality improvement, human resource validation, research and licensing.

Makerspace in the Cloud

Cloud-based tools to launch a culture of innovation and health making at the point of care. Medical devices designed by your staff.
  • Framework to host Pop-Up Labs
  • Mentorship for hospital champion
  • Prototyping Kit and Creation Kits
  • Ideate, build, Experiment.1

MakerHealth Space

A turnkey clinical fabrication lab to launch a culture of innovation and empower your staff to invent the future of medical technology.
  • Turnkey fabrication lab
  • Full-time staffing by a design engineer
  • Software Operating System
  • Integration to hospital workflow


Hands-on workshops to introduce prototyping and experimentation strategies to empower point-of-care staff to create health devices.
  • 1-day hands-on, interactive session
  • Maker Studio Prototyping Kits
  • Ideate and build novel ideas
  • Explore case studies