See what's inside your very own MakerHealth ProtoKit.

You’ve designed, adapted, and created for your patients during a global pandemic. Thank you for bringing your compassion and your energy to continue caring for our communities. We are honored to share with you a limited edition MakerHealth ProtoKit. This kit features the essential tools for health making delivered to you, a pioneering nurse maker, this Nurses’ Week! We are excited to support you as you learn new skills in health making. 



Scissors are one of the oldest tools created by humans and used by every inventive nurse throughout history. Nurse makers’ use these to cut, shape, and adapt medical supplies to create the perfect shape. We know it’s a challenge to find these in the moment you need them, so we hope having an extra pair is useful!



Calipers are used to take precise measurements of an object. nurse makers’ today use this tool to create 3D printed projects. If a nurse wants to create a 3D printed ergonomic cover for a patient call button, they use calipers to measure the patient call button and input the measurements to CAD software when designing the cover. Measurements from calipers ensure the 3D-printed cover is a perfect fit. 



Whether it’s the temperature of a patient room, the rate at which a urine bag is filling up, or fall sensors on a patient bed, nurse makers are constantly monitoring the world around their patients. Microcontrollers and sensors like the MetaWear allow nurse makers to create smart technology to autonomously measure things going on at the bedside. These smart devices can log the data in real-time and trigger alerts such as a buzzer or a text message when certain conditions or events happen. 


Silicone Tape & Gear Ties

The MakerHealth Prototyping Genome is a database of materials and tools used by frontline clinicians to create and adapt health technology. We’ve included some of the most popular medical prototyping materials for you to test:

Silicone tape connects and seals by adhering to itself without the sticky adhesive of most tapes. Originally invented by the Navy to create water seals on pipes, nurse makers have used this to create prototypes connecting tubing, splitters, and leurlocks. 

Gear ties are flexible connectors that have many applications in the prototyping process and with devices made to use in patient care. nurse makers are using these to stabilize syringes for NICU patients and to add structure to a straw for limited mobility patients to ensure their drinks are accessible. How can you use these to modify materials from the supply closet?