MakerHealth Workshops

MakerHealth Workshops

With just-in-time learning modules and tool-kits, our workshops build a culture of creative confidence among healthcare teams and give institutions the frameworks to grant the permission to explore new ideas for products, policies, education models, and processes for which there is no evidence. We have carefully curated a set of prototyping kits from our labs at MakerHealth to build a prototyping and technical literacy among workshop participants.


Learn the Prototyping Process

Through ideation sessions and hands-on experiments we teach the prototyping process aligned with clinical critical thinking processes

On-Site Tools and Materials

A Pop-Up MakerHealth Space at your site includes tools and materials to kick-start prototyping sessions during the workshop duration

MEDIKits for Participants

Choose Medical Education Design and Invention Kits along four themes for technical skill building sessions

Taught by Domain Experts

Workshops led by the MakerHealth team with 10 years of experience in medical device design and engineering

Access to Online Learning Content

Participants have access to exclusive online content in health making including videos, project tutorials and articles

Open to All Clinicians and Students

Our workshops are modular with specific content modules for clinicians and students. We believe that anyone can make health technology

Our Approach to Technical Learning in Healthcare

We teach clinically relevant technical prototyping and design skills in sensors and 3D printing through MEDIKits. These kits lower the barriers to prototyping and provide a standardized mechanism of sharing ideas and concepts.

A Culture of Innovation led by Point of Care Staff

Support the moments of ingenuity whenever the occur with a 24/7 access lab with the tools and smart materials to let staff tinker and experiment in medical making.

Patient Engagement with Personalized Medicine Hardware

Work side-by-side with patients using tools such as 3D printing, smart sensors and thermoforming to craft care solutions that are more affordable and personalized.