What do you want to make today?

At MakerHealth, we believe in democratizing the tools of health making around the world. 

Whether it’s a hospital bed, smart pill bottle, or an improved triage mobile phone app, we believe that design should be transparent, hackable, and enabling for everyone to be the designers and makers of their own healthcare solutions.

Enabling Clinicians to Invent Health Devices Since 2009

Using tools, a mindset, and an engaged community, we build the health making capabilities of clinicians and institutions so that everyone can create healthcare technology. MakerHealth is a company dedicated to amplifying the creativity of these health makers

Medical Makerspaces

Launch a cutting edge fabrication lab where clinicians will invent the future of health technology.

Professional Network

Join the global network of health makers with access to exclusive MakerHealth events and a project database of 100’s of projects from technical + medical experts.

Hands on Learning

Learn and experiment with new skills in health technology fabrication through real-time learning modules coupled with Maker Studio kits.

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What is Health Making?

MakerHealth Co-Founder Anna Young spoke at TEDMED describing our prototyping tools installed on hospital units to enhance the natural, do-it-yourself problem solving abilities of nurses and doctors who innovate to improve patient care on a daily basis.

Our Offerings

MakerHealth tools help to grow and sustain a culture of frontline clinical makers in a hospital.

Makerspace in the Cloud

Cloud-based tools to launch a culture of innovation and health making at the point of care. Medical devices designed by your staff.
  • Framework to host Pop-Up Labs
  • Mentorship for hospital champion
  • Prototyping Kit and Creation Kits
  • Ideate, build, Experiment.1

MakerHealth Space

A turnkey clinical fabrication lab to launch a culture of innovation and empower your staff to invent the future of medical technology.
  • Turnkey fabrication lab
  • Full-time staffing by a design engineer
  • Software Operating System
  • Integration to hospital workflow


Hands-on workshops to introduce prototyping and experimentation strategies to empower point-of-care staff to create health devices.
  • 1-day hands-on, interactive session
  • Maker Studio Prototyping Kits
  • Ideate and build novel ideas
  • Explore case studies

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