Health-making education & resources for clinicians everywhere.

A unique opportunity for all clinicians to join a digital network of passionate health makers with big ideas.


World-class tools and personalized training in health technology fabrication made specifically for clinicians.

Wherever there’s a frontline clinician, there’s an idea for a way to modify, adapt or reinvent health technology to improve patient care. MakerHealth Academy is a personalized set of tools and learning designed to give clinicians the support needed to bring these ideas to life. Tiered options provide a number of ways to join depending on your goals. 

Gone are the days of wondering how to turn your big ideas into reality. Join MakerHealth Academy to learn the skills to design and build health technology no matter where you are. 

MakerHealth Academy Silver

Develop your prototyping literacy with access to learning content and a community of clinician makers. Designed for creators who want an introduction to health making and professional connections to other clinician makers. 

Creators in MakerHealth Academy Silver gain access to Create.One, the engine powering the MakerHealth Academy program. Create.One is all-access and has everything you need to learn about the health-making process, from premium learning modules and resources to exclusive webinars and events.

Silver creators also gain exclusive access to MakerHealth’s online community of individual clinician makers from around the country, providing real-time brainstorming sessions, professional development opportunities, and more.

MakerHealth Academy Gold

Build your health technology idea with access to learning content, a community of clinician makers and personalized Creation Kits including the tools and materials to bring your idea to life. 

Creators in MakerHealth Academy Gold access all of the Silver features plus exclusive, on-demand mentorship from Makerhealth’s medical technology experts, as well as custom creation kits—delivered directly to you—which include all the tools and materials to bring your idea to life.


Learning the health-making trade from your home.

This program is structured for clinicians who are looking for an introduction into the world of health making, but who are not quite ready to jump into the physical making process.


A powerful, new engine redefining the health-making experience.

Gain exclusive access to Create.One, MakerHealth’s interactive engine powering the health-making experience.


Immersive learning modules at your fingertips.

Customized learning modules and education resources enable clinicians to gain knowledge and skills in all things health making.


Access to exclusive events and networking opportunities

Gain access to exclusive events, webinars, professional development opportunities, and other unique opportunities for clinicians looking to expand their professional networks.


Immersive learning modules at your fingertips.

Join a growing team of health makers from around the country and brainstorm, learn, and create together.


Everything in Silver, plus beginning your health-making journey with tangible products.

Enjoy all of our Academy Silver benefits, plus…

We work directly with you to take your idea and turn it into reality. Input your idea and Academy will generate a set of tools and materials to make it real and ship your very own Creation Kit directly to you. Follow the guide to build your prototype and run your first experiments to start testing your idea. 


Custom creation kits delivered directly to your door.

Personalized creation kits, including everything a clinician needs to prototype their idea into a functional solution, delivered directly to your door.


A responsive, concierge-style network of MedTech experts at your disposal.

Enjoy exclusive access to responsive, concierge-style network of medical technology experts, who are here to answer questions and provide invaluable insight into the heal-making process.


Access our growing Creation Hub.

With MakerHealth’s growing community is our Creation Hub, the first contemporary hub of medical technology designs, prototypes, and guides created by clinicians, for clinicians.

Join MakerHealth Academy today!

Whether you’re a clinician harnessing the power of creation to solve problems, to help your patients, to exercise creativity in your career, or to see your idea realized, the MakerHealth Academy is to help. We know you are capable of amazing things, and now we can support you with the requisite knowledge, support, and infrastructure you need to succeed, no matter where you are.